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Saturday, April 24, 2004

"Paranoid Survivalism" 

The Democrats and the Marxists are now effectively one and the same, although there are still many Democrats who deny this demonstrable fact.

One manifestation of this is the relentless drive by Democrats to implement every discernible feature of Marxism/Leninism into U.S. law, an endeavor in which they have enjoyed stunning success.

Another is that those who love freedom and support our constitution are already openly derided in the press, and have been for years.

While I doubt we'll be rounded up for reeducation tomorrow, such marginalization of segments of the population has always preceded genocide. The isolation and hatred that results is used to justify extermination.

It's not alarmist or paranoid to recognize and call attention to recurring historical patterns, yet those are nonetheless the labels routinely applied to such warnings. It's possible that this time the agenda is different, but expecting a different outcome from the same activity is itself insane.

Stockpiling weapons and moving to a compound in Idaho, as some have done, however, is also not necessarily the best way to respond to such potential threats. Isolation actually serves the interests of tyrants. Such compounds would be easy pickings for death squads if our government should turn against us.

Rather, it is our duty as citizens to keep our government under control through active participation in the political process. We are the final check and balance on government power. If we shirk our duty, we will earn the consequences.

But yes, I definitely recommend remaining armed against the possibility of such a failure and being prepared for the disruptions that will inevitably follow the next successful terrorist attack. Doing so involves far more than firearms, because if you die from thirst, starvation or exposure, having a gun in your hand is little comfort.

Loss of one or more major cities, including Washington, D.C., is a possibility even the most shrill skeptics of preparedness are bracing for. It would be wise for Americans not to let such events catch us off guard.

Be prepared. It's better to live on your feet than die on your knees.

The most recognizable feature of good advice is its universal rejection.

posted by Imal  # 12:17 PM

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

The Vietnamization of Iraq 

What I am hearing from family and friends in several states who themselves have family or friends returned from Iraq on leave or rotation is this:

Universally, without exception, every single soldier says things are much better in Iraq than reported, and they are frustrated with the negative tone of the news coverage there.

Iraq is a big country where an astounding number of positive things are occurring. However, the story Americans are presented with is that of a nation engulfed in daily violent conflict.

There are indeed places which are effectively war zones, but they make up a tiny fraction of Iraq as a whole. That is a fact that is only being reported by word of mouth.

Various interests see fit to continue attempting the Vietnamization of Iraq through negative news coverage and flagrant propagandizing, but they will eventually be exposed for the frauds that they are.

Commercial media ensure that the news you see is the news that it is profitable for you to see.

posted by Imal  # 9:32 AM

Thursday, April 01, 2004

The Challenge of Fallujah 

The murder, burning, dragging, dissection and hanging of American citizens in Fallujah is a symbolic challenge presented to America.

The answer to the challenge made by the people of Fallujah and others like them will determine whether we will succeed in our efforts to reshape the Middle East, or be driven from it in shame like so many before us.

Fallujah is not the only place where this challenge is being made by the "insurgents", nor is Iraq the only place either. The push has come to shove. How we react affects far more than Iraq.

The British Empire understood this well enough, concealing shocking cruelty beneath a bland, urbane facade. America used to understand this as well, but memory fades.

There was once a time when an American, like a Briton, could walk without fear in nearly every part of the world. The reason was the common knowledge of what harming a citizen of a powerful empire would bring in response.

If a potential offender did not fear for his own safety, he might fear for the safety of his family and neighbors, all of which were forfeit if he did not act sensibly. Usually only one or two villages had to burn for the message to get across. Once the terms were made, the locals would go out of their way to ensure the safety of protected foreigners, out of enlightened self-interest, if nothing else.

Even the most rabid anti-American understands and respects true power. We have military power in vast abundance, but our perceived weakness is our national resolve. That's why those who hate America attack our resolve, both at home and abroad. It's the only arena in which they have any hope of winning. And in that arena, they are optimistic that they will, indeed, defeat us.

If America is to remain the "world's sole superpower", we will have to sacrifice our tone of well-meaning civility in practice, if not in words. There are plenty of other willing contenders for the role of world hegemon if we choose not to fill it.

While we have shown our ability numerous times to be cruel where we must, it is clear that far too many people in the world don't believe that we really have the stomach to respond in a meaningful way to attacks upon us. Whatever the reason for it, this perception represents the single greatest threat to America's security and position in the world.

Perceptions are powerful and persistent, for both good and ill. The spectacle of the American retreat from Somalia in response to the public humiliation of American soldiers in Mogadishu haunts our foreign policy and continues to cost American lives.

If we do not change this perception, we will ultimately be destroyed not only as a superpower, but as a nation as well. Enemies will endlessly continue to come forward to challenge us. We can either discourage them before they attack, or fight each and every one of them, one at a time -- or against the inevitable alliances they will form. If we falter as we have in the past, such battles will take place increasingly upon American soil.

For America, the only peace a perception of weakness will bring will be the peace of the grave. We can be the world's only superpower only if we accept that the world will continue to hate us for it. We cannot be loved as well, no matter how earnestly and naively we try. Ironically, if we choose to abandon our claim of world leadership now, we will earn even more contempt than we currently must endure. And with it war will come to our shores.

We face difficult moral and practical choices as we continue to assert our strength on a world stage watched by six billion human beings. But as in all of America's endeavors to shape the world in an image that pleases us, anything short of merciless resolve on our part will guarantee failure and ultimately, our destruction.

For now, the choice is ours. Having that choice remain ours is a luxury we cannot afford to lose.

The only thing more despicable than a cruel dictator is a benevolent one.

posted by Imal  # 8:45 PM

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