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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Not Surrender, But Treachery 

There has been predictable controversy surrounding a television ad produced by MoveOn.org depicting a U.S. soldier holding his rifle over his head while sinking in quicksand.

MoveOn.org is a Clinton front group which was originally formed in the late 1990s to encourage Americans to "move on" from the Lewinsky scandal and impeachment proceedings.

The image of an American soldier surrendering can have only one anticipated effect: to outrage American citizens and build resolve for victory in Iraq.

No political operative, no matter how twisted, is stupid enough to think that an appeal to surrender will ever gain popular support in America.

Why? Because it never has. Not even in Vietnam. That was not a surrender of the American people or American soldiers, but America's leaders, to their eternal shame.

Ads like this undermine John Kerry far more than they hurt George W. Bush, and MoveOn.org knows it.

This is yet another example illustrating a careful if not terribly subtle campaign on the part of the Clintons to position Hillary for a presidential run in 2008.

Doing so means ensuring that John Kerry never sits in the oval office, and that's what this is all about.

The real target of MoveOn.org is not the President, but his opponent. The game MoveOn.org is playing is not one of surrender, but treachery against the man they ostensibly support: John F. Kerry.

The surest way to get Americans to fight to the death is to demand our surrender.

posted by Imal  # 1:20 PM

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